This research project has four objectives which will be developed in the Guadiamar Green Corridor (Seville, Spain):

  1. To study the functional diversity of native trees and shrubs, relating the plant functional traits with the functioning of the ecosystem.
  2. To evaluate the capacity for phytostabilization of contaminated soils by different tree species, their capacities to accumulate trace elements (TE), either in leaves or in roots, and their effects on the bioavailability of TE in soil.
  3. To evaluate the capacity to sequester carbon in soil by different tree species, their C stock in litter and roots, and in the microbian biomass, estimating the losses by soil respiration.
  4. To propose models for restoration and remediation of degraded soils in Mediterranean environments, to improve the provision of ecosystem services, in particular to improve the quality of contaminated and remediated soils (by stabilizing TE) and to mitigate the climate change (by sequestering C in forest soils).